Aerosol waterproofing for textiles and leather VOLA

  • Aerosol waterproofing for textiles and leather VOLA
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Waterproofing for leather and all types of materials.
Spray on clean clothes at about 20 cm keeping the aerosol straight.insist on exposed parts of the clothes(back,shoulders..)
Dry for several hours avoiding contact with other clothes,for a better result,iron after drying to reinforce the waterproof effectiveness.Waterproofs all kind of fabrics(wool.cotton,synthetic fibres)and leathers,ski wear,windbreaker,nylon trousers),tarpaulins,canvas,umbrellas.)Can be used also for the furniture(sofa,armchairs),leather goods,luggages,the insides of cars...
Protect also against the stains of sebum(fat marks on the armchairs or leather sofas),on the cuffs and collars of leather jackets.

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